Metal wall art I created in 2008. It covers nearly 80 feet of wall space. Each of the 9 panels overlaps onto the next panel. This project took just over 1 year to complete. All metal was cut by plasma laser and was also powder coated to give the effect of different metals. Fabrication was done by Big River Forge of Lansing, Iowa. Each panel is approximately 3 1/2 feet tall by 6 1/2 feet wide at the "frame." None of the art is welded. All of it is held onto the wall studs by screw. The majority of the art is aluminum, the 3 faces are in steel.

Below, photos show the progression from proposal to final art. I spent 3 months researching the company history and collecting photos. I measured the wall for the studs and then drew out each panel and placed them so each piece would line up or overlap so I could add the holes for the screws directly into the art.

Then I created a life size proposal of the first frame cut completely from styrofoam and glued together. This gave the customer a visual of the timeline.

Next, Jay Hisel from Big River Forge, showed me powder coat color samples and different patterns or textures he could make on the metal. I put each of the panel illustrations through a cad program so the files would convert to a smaller file on the plasma laser cutter. Once cut, Jay ground and powder coated each piece to my specifications and then we pieced it together like a big puzzle, using a printed template.